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Media work . MIC

Made In Chelsea

Channel 4
Series 25 (2023). Episode 2.
I offer relationship guidance to Joel and Robbie.

Media work . Cherry Valentine

Cherry Valentine, Gypsy Queen and Proud

At 18, George Ward left the Gypsy community. He felt rejected after coming out as gay. Leaving his Gypsy identity behind, he invented Cherry Valentine, a drag alter ego. Now, he wants to find out if he can be accepted as a queer Gypsy and feel proud.

In the programme, George visits my clinic to discuss the impact of homophobia on the mental health of the LGBTQ+ people, and how to learn to accept and love ourselves.

Available on BBCiPlayer from 25 January 2022.
BBC3 on 1st February 2022.

Media work . Sex On The Couch

Sex On The Couch

I featured on the BBC1 programme Sex On The Couch alongside my colleagues Kate Moyle, Dr Roberta Babb, and Lohani Noor

Sex On The Couch was a six-part series offering a unique insight into modern relationships and the pressures they face by following real-life couples as they bring their sexual and emotional issues to sex therapists in a specially constructed clinic.

Media work . Podcast


The Meaningful Life Podcast: How to Heal Compulsive Sexual Behaviours. With Andrew G. Marshall.

Asking For A Friend Podcast : Sexual Compulsivity. With Catriona Boffard.

The Sexual Wellness Sessions Podcast : Understanding Sexual Trauma. With Kate Moyle.

Restore: Compulsive Sexual Behaviour. With Eoin Walker.

They Talk Sex Podcast: The Compulsive Sexual Behaviours Episode.

Humane Productions. ‘The Mind Behind It’ Podcast: Is porn bad for you?

Sex Unshackled Podcast: understanding compulsive sexual behaviour. With Becky Crepsley-Fox.

UKCP Podcast: The power of consent. With Sarah Niblock.

Harley Therapy Podcast. Interview with Silva Neves. With Dr Sheri Jacobson.

The Social Work Rants podcast. Sex and relationship issues, and debunking the myth of ‘sex addiction’.

Culture Sex Relationships podcast. It’s A Sin review. With Justin Hancock.

The Good Grief Conversation podcast. The emotional challenges for Christmas. With Janet Jones.

Pure Eros Podcast I was a guest in two episodes of the Pure Eros Podcast. One discussing Compulsive Sexual Behaviours and one discussing Toxic Masculinity.

The Good Grief Conversation Podcast I spoke with Janet Jones about the complexities of grief. It is available on UK Health Radio.

Intimology I discussed Coming Out with Intimology. It is available on Intimology Instagram.

Sex Rated Podcast I talked about sex and sex therapy. October 2019.

Media work . Newspaper collage

Newspaper, magazine and radio interviews

I am regularly invited to comment on topics of sex and relationships for newspapers and magazines.

Some of my contributions include:

BBC5 Live - Tuesday 7th December 2021 Sex and the Pandemic with Naga Munchetty and Amy Irons.

Newsweek - September 2021 Dan Levy's Pansexual Wine Analogy from Schitt's Creek. I commented on how helpful it is to have representation of different types of sexual orientations and relationships in popular TV series.

InsideHook - August 2021 "Sex Addiction" is not real and it's time to stop calling it that. With Gigi Engle.

The Sunday Telegraph - June 2021 Five ways to survive the dreaded midlife sex slump.

The Body - May 2021 Why are we so obsessed with age gaps in relationship? With Gigi Engle.

The Guardian - May 2021 My husband wants a threesome. I don’t. What can I do? Ask Annalisa Barbieri.

Psychologies magazine - May 2021. No Means No. Discussing consent.

Women’s Health - April 2021 5 ways to take the missionary position to the next level.

Women’s Health - March 2021 Why sex games can re-ignite your relationship.

Sunday Times magazine - February 2021. Erectile dysfunctions. Mojo.

Glamour magazine - January 2021. Is anyone actually having sex anymore?

Cosmopolitan - January 2021. Threesome sex guide.

Women’s Health - November 2020. The fantasy of public sex.

RePsychl - October 2020. Interview with sex therapist Silva Neves.

BBC - October 2020. The apps promising to improve your sex life. With Suzanne Bearne.

Cosmopolitan - August 2020: I spoke about foot fetish.

Patient - August 2020: I was interviewed on the subject of sexual fantasies.

BBC Radio London - August 2020: I discussed pornography not being addictive.

Cosmopolitan - August 2020: I offered my thoughts on the damaging trend of 'genital matchmaking'.

The Independent- August 2020: I commented on the Netflix film '365 Days'.

Dazed - August 2020: I commented on 'virtual affairs' during lockdown.

Stylist - July 2020: I featured in an article discussing attachment styles.

BBC 3 - July 2020: I discussed the difference between BDSM and sexual assault disguised as 'rough sex'.

Guardian - May 2020: I offered some advice on a couple's mismatched kink for the Ask Annalisa Barbieri problem page.

Sheerluxe - March 2020: I gave some modern tips for first date etiquette.

Mashable - February 2020: I offered some advice on how to survive Valentine's Day.

Cosmopolitan - January 2020: I discussed the benefits of holding hands. Touch is good for our mental health and overall health. Holding hands is soothing. And it can be an act of courage and defiance for the LGBTQ+ community.

The Guardian - January 2020: I offered some tips on how to make the bedroom an erotic place and not just a place for sleeping.

Red Magazine - December 2019: I discussed how to improve sex life with My Viv products.

Daily Telegraph - 2019: I talked about ageing men experiencing decreasing sexual desire. I offered some simple tips on what to do to boost libido.

The Daily Mail - 2019: I featured in an article on National Orgasm Day explaining the barriers of female orgasms and what can be done for more sexual pleasure.

Sunday Times - 2019: I was interviewed on the topic of sexual abuse and BDSM practices. Many people practicing BDSM do not have a history of sexual abuse. And many people who have been sexually abused are not attracted to BDSM. But for many, BDSM practice is a powerful healing process after sexual abuse as well as thriving sexually and being intimacy-enhancing. It is a great way to feel connected to your partner and experience deep trust within the erotic and sexual area.

Sustain Natural: I was interviewed by Jo Murphy on the topic of 'sex addiction'. Changing language around mental health is so important. The term 'sex addiction' has taken on cultural meaning with no clinical backing. The label 'addiction' is limiting and can be damaging.

Gay Times: In 2018, I was a monthly columnist writing expert articles on sex and relationships and general mental health well-being for Gay Times .

The Daily Telegraph I was interviewed in 2014 on male fertility issues in the context of a fertility test being available.

QX Magazine My quote on gay men's mental health appeared in the October 2014 issue.

Media work . Channel 5 News

Television News

I occasionally appear on television news to make a comment on current affairs. I was interviewed on Channel 5 News on how to manage the Coronavirus anxiety at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.

Media work . Smart Sex Smart Love

Listen to Dr Joe Kort's Podcast Smart Sex Smart Love

I spoke with Dr Joe Kort on the potential harm of 'sex addiction' treatments and 12-step 'sex addiction' programmes as their process can be akin to a modern version of 'conversion therapy'. Although it is largely unspoken, people can be traumatised by such programmes.
Click Here to listen to the podcast.

Media work . After The Watershed

After The Watershed. BBC Radio Surrey & BBC Sussex

I was interviewed in the BBC Radio show After The Watershed on couple's 'sex gap': when one partner wants more sex than the other, one of the most common issues with couples.

Media work . Sex and the Pandemic

Media work . Mojomen filming

BBC3. Sex On The Couch

Media work . SOTC Promo pic 2

Media work . SOTC Promo pic 3

Media work . SOTC Promo pic 4

Media work . SOTC Promo pic

BBC3. Sex On The Couch. Interviews.

Media work . SOTC Backstage

Media work . SOTC Pick of the week

Tips for men: boosting your libido - Daily Telegraph.

Media work . Daily Telegraph 2

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