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Media work . Sex On The Couch

Sex On The Couch

I appear on the programme Sex On The Couch available as a boxset on BBC3 iPlayer, as well as weekly on BBC1 on Fridays after Graham Norton, from the 26th April 2019.
Sex On The Couch is a six-part series offering a unique insight into modern relationships and the pressures they face by following real-life couples as they bring their sexual and emotional issues to a specially constructed clinic. With the support of a team of four therapists, the couples will try to solve their problematic sex lives, discovering that to do this often means dealing with issues at the heart of their relationships.
Therapists: Kate Moyle, Dr Roberta Babb, Lohani Noor and Silva Neves.
You can access the programme Here

Media work . Pure Eros CSB

Pure Eros Podcast - Compulsive Sexual Behaviours

I had a conversation with Pure Eros on Compulsive Sexual Behaviours. The podcast is available now on Spotify.

Media work . Pure Eros Toxic Masculinity

Pure Eros Podcast - Toxic Masculinity

I had a conversation with Pure Eros on Toxic Masculinity. The podcast is available now on Spotify.

Media work . Guardian Kink

Guardian - May 2020

I spoke with The Guardian to offer some advice on a couple's mismatched kink for the Ask Annalisa Barbieri problem page.

Media work . Channel 5 News

Channel 5 News - March 2020

I was interviewed on Channel 5 News on how to manage the coronavirus anxiety.

Media work . Dating tips Sheerluxe

SheerLuxe - March 2020

I spoke with SheerLuxe on modern tips for first date etiquette.

Media work . Valentines Mashable

Mashable - February 2020

I spoke with Mashable on how to survive Valentine's Day.

Media work . Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan - January 2020

I spoke with Cosmopolitan on the benefits of holding hands. Touch is good for our mental health and overall health. Holding hands is soothing. And it can be an act of courage and defiance for the LGBTQ+ community.

Media work . Guardian

The Guardian - January 2020

I spoke with The Guardian on how to make the bedroom an erotic place and not just a place for sleeping.

Media work . Smart Sex Smart Love

Listen to Dr Joe Kort's Podcast Smart Sex Smart Love

I spoke with Dr Joe Kort on the potential harm of 'sex addiction' treatments and 12-step 'sex addiction' programmes as their process can be akin to a modern version of 'conversion therapy'. Although it is largely unspoken, people can be traumatised by such programmes.
Click Here to listen to the podcast.

Media work . RED

Red Magazine

I am quoted in Red Magazine on how to improve sex life with My Viv products.

Media work . Sex Rated Podcast

Sex Rated Podcast

It was a pleasure to be invited on the show Sex Rated Podcast to talk about.... sex and sex therapy. The podcast is out on Monday 21st October 2019.

Media work . Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph - No Sex Please. The loss of libido.

I spoke with the Daily Telegraph regarding ageing men experiencing decreasing sexual desire. I offered some simple tips on what to do to boost libido.

Media work . After The Watershed

After The Watershed. BBC Radio Surrey & BBC Sussex

I was interviewed in the BBC Radio show After The Watershed on couple's 'sex gap': when one partner wants more sex than the other, one of the most common issues with couples.

Media work . Daily Mail

Daily Mail. National Orgasm Day. The common barriers that prevent women from reaching climax.

I appear in The Daily Mail on National Orgasm Day in a feature article explaining the barriers of female orgasms and what can be done for more sexual pleasure. You can read the full article Here

Media work . Sunday Times

Sunday Times

I was interviewed for the Sunday Times on the topic of sexual abuse and BDSM practices.

Many people practicing BDSM do not have a history of sexual abuse. And many people who have been sexually abused are not attracted to BDSM. But for many, BDSM practice is a powerful healing process after sexual abuse as well as thriving sexually and being intimacy-enhancing. It is a great way to feel connected to your partner and experience deep trust within the erotic and sexual area. The practice must follow the three pillars of BDSM: 'Safe. Sane. Consensual', otherwise it can be re-traumatising and distressing.
If you're interested in BDSM, research how to practice safely first, talk to the people in the community and take one step at a time.

Media work . SA article

Expert interviews

I am regularly asked to offer my expert opinion on topics regarding sex, relationships and trauma.

  • Recently, I was interviewed by Jo Murphy for Sustain Natural on the topic of 'sex addiction'. Changing language around mental health is so important. The term 'sex addiction' has taken on cultural meaning with no clinical backing. The label 'addiction' is limiting and can be damaging. You can read the full article Here

  • I have been interviewed on several occasions to comment on topics such as 'porn addiction' and 'sex addiction' for the press and radio.

  • I have been interviewed by The Daily Telegraph on male fertility issues in the context of a fertility test being available. You can read the article Here

  • I am one of the Intimacy experts for the app Pillow. I am the author of one of the intimacy episodes for the app, as well as a contributor to the Pillow blog. For more information, click here

  • My quote on gay men's mental health appeared in the national magazine QX Magazine on the October 2014 issue. You can read the article Here

  • In 2018, I was a monthly columnist writing expert articles on sex and relationships and general mental health well-being for Gay Times and PureEros .

  • BBC3. Sex On The Couch

    Media work . SOTC Promo pic 2

    Media work . SOTC Promo pic 3

    Media work . SOTC Promo pic 4

    Media work . SOTC Promo pic

    BBC3. Sex On The Couch. Interviews.

    Media work . SOTC Backstage

    Media work . SOTC Pick of the week

    Tips for men: boosting your libido - Daily Telegraph.

    Media work . Daily Telegraph 2
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