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Sex & Relationship MOT

Many people call a couples therapist or a sex therapist when things are not going well. But what if you could avoid your relationship or your sex life becoming difficult?

Studies show that people put off seeing a therapist for years. By the time you make the call and walk through the door of your therapist’s office, you may be in a crisis place, when there are many problems to address and repair. Some people call a therapist in a sense of urgency because their relationship is in much trouble.

By keeping in touch with your sex and relationship MOT, you can avoid the crisis point and you may not need to see a therapist to repair what goes wrong.

I recommend a sex and relationship MOT once every 5 years, whether you’re in a relationship or you're a single person.

The MOT lasts for 110 minutes. It includes:
  • Your psychosexual health.
  • The exploration of your Erotic Mind.
  • Your core beliefs related to your relationship and sex life.
  • Your relationship check-in: thoughts and feelings you have about your relationship(s).
  • The satisfying aspects and deficits of your relationship(s) and sex life.
  • The exploration of the social and cultural aspects that relate to your relationship(s) and sex life functioning.
  • The assessment of your attachment patterns.
  • An analysis of your relational patterns.
  • Other areas of your life that impact on your psychosexual health and relationship: work, money, entertainment, big life events (such as moving home, changing jobs, bereavement, etc).
  • Your overall psychological health check-in.

    Upon completion of your MOT, you will receive personalised recommendations on what to focus on, what to think about and reflect on, what to change and the good things to maintain.

    Don’t delay, book your Relationship & Sex MOT today for a thorough check-in.
    To book: E-mail me at: [email protected]
    Or call/ text me on: 07958320565

    Fee for your MOT: £240 for the full service.

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